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Junior Coaching Curriculum to be Launched at Bounce Down

Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 1:39 PM

Over the past few weeks the Coach Coordinators from the WAFC have been to Melbourne to be trained up in delivering the new Junior Coach Curriculum. this program will be made available to all coaches with a current coach accreditation through

Coaches will be given a full run down on how this system works and its benifiets at bounce down on the 5th of April.

See below for a brief intro into the Junior Coaching Curriculum:

The Junior Coaching Curriculum has been designed to maximise participation and enjoyment by incorporating lots of small sided games and fundamental skill activity challenges so that kids get lots of touches of the ball and are active most of the time. In this way, the Auskick to Junior transition becomes a seamless and natural progression.

The research also reveals that coaches are THE key influencers in creating a positive environment for participants in Junior football. The Junior Coaching Philosophy, Curriculum and additional training resources will enable volunteer coaches and parents to better understand the spirit of junior football and will assist them in delivering training sessions that are safe, inclusive engaging and fun.


 Three Levels of Progression

Building off the Auskick program, the Junior Coaching Curriculum is based on three sequential levels, designed to extend skill development over three (or more) years of participation.

Level 4

Designed for players aged 7 and 8 who are transitioning over from Auskick to Junior footy.  This level focuses on skills needed to work as an individual

Level 5

Designed for players aged 9 and 10 beginning the transition to working in small groups.

Level 6

Designed for players who are 11 and 12, focusing on skills needed to work as part of a team.

Each level consists of set of 10 training session plans each with a session theme, learning outcomes, activity instructions and diagrams with key coaching points.

For training programs that run for longer than ten weeks, the base program can be supplemented with additional sessions, either by repeating selected sessions or tailoring to meet the needs of the players.


The Junior Coaching Curriculum has been designed around the principles of play which describe the strategies of the game and follows the premise of ‘using the game to teach the game’.


The three key principles of play incorporated are:


  1. ATTACK       - We’ve got the ball


  1. DEFENCE     - They’ve got the ball


  1.   CONTEST   - Ball is in dispute


Each training session in the Junior Coaching Curriculum targets one or more principles.