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Claremont JCC's Rhys Mola named 2019 Claremont District “Optus Volunteer of the Year” Finalist

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - 3:41 PM

Rhys Mola has been named as a finalist for the Optus WA Volunteer of the Year and will be representing the Claremont District in the next phase of the awards.  Rhys has been an incredibly hard working volunteer over of a number of years and currently holds the role of Assistant Competition Director for the Claremont District, a role he has held for two years now after previously working in the West Perth District.

Rhys has done a fantastic job ensuring every one enjoys a great game day environment, he is constantly out on Friday nights and Sundays ensuring everyone is following the rules and making sure that junior football is a wonderful experience for all involved. He does a wonderful job in always being incredibly efficient in his work and responding to issues in a very quick and detailed manner. He has been required to step in on multiple occasions to assist as Competition Director and has done an outstanding job in the way he conducts himself in such a professional manner.

As an Assistant Competition Director, he is fair and equitable in all decision making and has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise from been a junior umpire and umpires' manager in previous years. Rhys always puts the enjoyment of participants first and always ensures he is making decisions with the advancement of junior football in mind. He is always open to work with volunteers and investigates issues in a very detailed manner.

Rhys has been invited to to the Sandover Medal Award Night on Monday September 16th at Optus Stadium alongside Subiaco District's John Sobolewski and West Perth District's Claire O'Donnell. He will also join a large list of District Volunteers across all three Districts to be recognised for their work in supporting WA Football on Friday, 20th September at the 2019 Metro North Awards of Excellence.