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Kye Needs Your Help.

Friday, October 19, 2018 - 2:33 PM

Our good friends at Marist Junior Football Club have put out a call for help for one of their own.

Kye Portelli is a 15 year old boy, a year 9 student at Newman College. Kye is one of those kids that just gives everything his all. He plays football for Marist Football Club, Basketball for NHR Raiders Basketball Club, Water
Polo with the Newman Water Polo Association. He is your typical teen boy - popular and an all-round great kid.

Kye's world came crashing down a couple of weeks ago when after a series of tests was diagnosed with a genetically transmitted eye disease known as Retina Pigmentosa (or RP). Our brave young man is now faced
with the reality of living in between the blind and sighted world and this is both a scary and frustrating one of equal measure. The condition has no cure, and soon he will be completely blind.

We are holding a fundraising event on the 20th October at Newman College in the Marist Auditorium and for this we are kindly asking for donations from your business to help raise funds for Kyes’ family so we
can reduce the financial burden for them. Please know that if you donate we will ensure you are given appropriate exposure and public gratitude for your business/brand both on the evening and in social
media throughout the campaign.

If you can help Kye, please contact Natascha on 0422 155 072 or Carolyn on 0406 195 155 or email . You can read more about Kye’s condition on his facebook page and online fundraising page .