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Wembley's Karen Tighe named Tigers District 'Sunday Times Volunteer of the Year'

Monday, August 14, 2017 - 2:02 PM

Karen Tighe has been on the Wembley Junior Football Club committee for more than 3 years and has volunteered around the club for more than 7 years.

She is the club registrar for both boys and girls competitions and even though her sons stopped playing at the end of 2016 she has remained on the committee in 2017 to ensure the growth of the female girls copetition.

In addition to the thankless task of club registrar, Karen’s biggest contribuition in 2017 is her role developing junior girls at the club. In 2017 Karen has worked tirelessly in assisting the Claremont Junior Football District coordinate female football competitions from her club's base at Wembley Sports Park.

Karen will attend the 2017 Sandover Medal Count on Monday 18th September where she has progress to the WA Final of the 2017 Sunday Times WA Football Volunteer of the Year. She will join District Volunteers on Friday 22nd September at the 2017 District Football Awards of Excellence joining a strong band of volunteers to be awarded with Volunteer Excellence Awards. 

2017 Volunteer Excellence Award winners joining Karen on the 22nd September include:

Jeff Carger from North Beach Junior Football Club

Tracey Elridge from Wembley Downs JFC

& John Thurtell from the Claremont Junior Football League.